Daniel Roth Monopusher Chronograph, Yellow Gold

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This Daniel Roth Monopusher Chronograph is a rarely seen example in yellow gold. Combining a vintage Lemania 2220 movement, beautifully finished dial, and distinctive case design, this piece stands out as one of the most significant creations of Daniel Roth.


For a long time, watch collecting was firmly divided into two camps. Vintage and modern. One offered elegant aesthetics, characterful patina, and a romantic attachment to a different vision of watchmaking. The other provided reliability, and the excitement of something which was innovative or cutting edge. Often, when people initially get interested in watches, this early fork in the road, is the one they come across first, but which way should they go?

More recently, a third category has gained prominence – neo-vintage. Neither modern, nor vintage, as the name would imply, it gathers elements from both. From the aesthetics, production techniques, materials, and context in which they were produced, watches that belong to this group are the result of mixed influences. They were long discarded by collectors, precisely because they fell between the cracks. To many, they either lacked the charm of older pieces or the excitement of new releases.

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