AKRIVIA, Petermann Bédat and Winnerl are three of the leading watchmaking names of the present generation. A Collected Man has always strived to showcase incredible watchmaking talent, working with brands we trust and have deep connections with. Thanks to these relationships, we are able to offer collectors a high-level of support and guidance at every stage of their journey.


Rexhep Rexhepi is one of the most celebrated watchmakers of his generation. AKRIVIA’s watches are in high demand and are distinguished by their daring aesthetics, impeccable finishing, and focus on perfection. As longstanding friends and trusted retailers of AKRIVIA for almost a decade, A Collected Man has always believed in Rexhepi’s unique vision of watchmaking.

Petermann Bédat

Created by Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat, the pair first met in watchmaking school, eventually starting a workshop in their native Switzerland. Having known Gaël and Florian since 2019, we've always been struck by their precocious talent and commitment to the traditions of watchmaking, past and present. With the release of their new Reference 2941, it's clear that they are among the leaders of a new generation of independent watchmakers.


Helmed by Bernhard Zwinz, a watchmaker highly regarded amongst fellow independent makers, his work is produced under the name of his Austrian compatriot, 19th century watchmaker J.TH. Winnerl. We are great admirers of Zwinz’s craft and his dedication to perfection. Creating his watches entirely by hand, his experience and talent holds the promise of many exciting projects to come.  
buy Winnerl Tremblage  White Gold preowned watch at A Collected Man London
buy Winnerl Tremblage  White Gold preowned watch at A Collected Man London