A Collected Man is the sole pre-owned approved retailer for Roger W. SmithPhilippe Dufour and Kari Voutilainen, and are also part of the MB&F network. We believe
that these watchmakers are at the pinnacle of independent watchmaking. Our
longstanding relationships and shared values have culminated in the exclusivity of
our position, with these watchmakers relying on us to deliver a level of presentation,
service and sale befitting their incredible creations.

Roger W. Smith

The undisputed flagbearer for English watchmaking, Roger W. Smith OBE is recognised as one of the greatest watchmakers of the modern era. The only apprentice and collaborator of the late George Daniels, Smith set up his own workshop in 2001, continuing the Daniels Method, whilst finding ways to improve on the Daniels’ Co-Axial escapement. His watches today are produced entirely on the Isle of Man and are sought after around the world.

Philippe Dufour

Based in the Valleé de Joux, Philippe Dufour has established himself as a master of grand complications and is well-known for the incredible finishing on his watches. Dufour has had a long-standing career in watchmaking, with his beloved Simplicity line and horological firsts such as the Grand et Petite Sonnerie wristwatch. The latter currently holds the world record for the highest sale price achieved for a watch by an independent maker.


Kari Voutilainen sits at an interesting intersection of watchmaking, as his creations are both traditional yet contemporary, pushing the boundaries of the craft. Since starting his own workshop, he has amassed an impressive catalogue, including the in-house Vingt-8, the Observatoire, a series of “Masterpiece” Chronographs, in addition to a select handful of tourbillons and repeaters. All adorned with his enigmatic style of decoration.


Founded by Maximilian Büsser in 2005, MB&F (short for Max Büsser & Friends) have made a name for themselves by producing unconventional, heavily conceptual pieces geared toward the future. Their dedication to combining forward-facing ideas with handmade watchmaking and collaborative efforts continue to challenge the status quo. Examples such as the Legacy Machine No. 1 and the LM Sequential EVO, amongst others have been recognised at the GPHG awards.