The Company

A Collected Man is the leading online platform for discovering, buying, and selling the world’s most exceptional watches. Thanks to our rich industry knowledge, modern approach and relentless commitment to quality, authenticity and transparency, collectors around the world visit us to discover a unique, genuinely curated selection of rare watches.  

Please find our current job opportunities below:


Staff Writer

The Role

The Editorial Specialist will be responsible for producing editorial content, in the form of written articles, for A Collected Man. They will be expected to research and write in depth articles (2,000 to 5,000 words) focusing on the world of watches, at a rate of one article every two weeks. They will also be expected to help with sourcing and commissioning images for these articles, in order to make them as visually compelling and informative as possible. They will work closely with the Editor, Editorial & Copy Assistant, Head of Content and Ecommerce Manager.  

The right candidate does not need to have any prior knowledge of watches or have written on the topic, though a minimum of 2-3 years working for an editorial publication (at a national level or equivalent) is expected. Experience with online publish would also be advantageous. During the hiring process, we may ask for samples of work to be provided, as well as a mock article to be produced.  

Responsibilities will include the following:  

  • Write a minimum of one in-depth article every two weeks (2,000 to 5,000 words) on the topic of watches, as well as the occasional article on topics adjacent to this.  
  • Assist with sourcing images for the various articles we produce, whilst also liaising with our Photographer and Editor to capture and create new images in house. 
  • After a period of integration, meaningfully contribute to the ideation process, to come up with new topics to produce in-house or commission from freelancers.  
  • Assist with maintaining the consistency and quality of all written content across our website, by proofreading written content before it goes live and tracking errors. 
  • Assist with publicising of content through social media and online platforms, in particular Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Apple News, Google News, and other equivalents.




Assistant Photographer

The Role 

The Junior Photographer will be responsible for capturing product images of all our products, within a studio environment. They will also work with our Head Photographer to take creative style imagery, in a variety of different contexts and formats. This includes photographing watches on the wrist of models, creating still nature compositions, and capturing macro details, amongst others.  

The Junior Photographer will then be responsible for editing all the product and creative images on Photoshop, in anticipation for these going live on the website. They will also be expected to help with general photography and editing needs, across the website, from product listings to articles. They will work closely with our Head Photographer, Head of Sales, Editor and Ecommerce Manager.  
The ideal candidate is expected to have prior experience in still life photography and a good mastery of Photoshop. A Collected Man is a start-up, so adaptability is key to fitting into the team. A willingness to burden-share where necessary and a high level of self-motivation and discipline are expected. 

Responsibilities will include the following:  

  • Creating product imagery within a studio environment, for all our products, including watches, leather accessories and collectable objects. Our studio is located at our offices, which is in Farringdon, London.   
  • Assisting our Head Photographer with taking creative images, across different contexts and formats. This includes shooting images on the wrists of models, putting together still nature compositions and capturing macro details. 
  • Editing all the images on Photoshop, ahead of these going live as product listings on the website. 
  • Ensuring that all images are delivered according to our listing schedule. 
  • Helping the editorial team with creating visuals for our articles, from taking pictures to creating edited compositions on Photoshop. 


£28-32,000 (based on experience)


To apply please send your CV to Please note that all roles would have to be based in London, United Kingdom.