The Company

A Collected Man is the leading online platform for discovering, buying, and selling the world’s most exceptional watches. We combine a high level of curation with genuine and thoughtful content, in one of the most promising second-hand markets.

Thanks to our approach, we’ve managed to disrupt the high-end corner of the watch market, for the rarest and most valuable pieces. Whilst the kinds of watches we handle would traditionally have been traded between private collectors, or appear at auction, we’ve brought these to a new, global audience. We hold the record for the most expensive independent watch ever publicly sold, at £5.5 million, for a Philippe Dufour Grande et Petite Sonnerie. 

Despite being based in London, our clients are spread throughout the world, from San Francisco to Hong Kong. More than three quarters of our watches are sold to collectors in North America and Asia, reflecting the global reach of our online model and the strength of our reputation. We’re currently a team of 14 people – excluding our office dog, Annabelle – from eight different countries, and we’re continuing to expand even further this year, as our business goes from strength to strength.


We are not currently hiring for any positions, but please reach out to, if you're interested in working with us.