Why Sell Your Watch With us

A Collected Man is the leading online platform for discovering, buying and selling the world’s most exceptional watches.

Whether you are an experienced collector or a first-time seller, our team of in-house experts will be able to advise you on the best available options to sell your watch.

What are the options?


We can sell your watch on consignment, with our commission being 15% of the final sale price.


We can purchase your watch directly from you, at an agreed price.

Fixed Price

We can list your watch at a fixed price, which is mutually agreed between us.


We can auction your watch, letting bidders decide the final price. We charge 15% commission.
Sell Your Watch

How It Works

How It Works

  • Submit your watch

    Once we received your enquiry, we will come back to you within two working days, via your preferred contact method, to discuss the options for selling your watch.

  • Delivering your watch to us

    We will arrange for your watch to be shipped to us, using a fully insured, secure courier, from anywhere in the world.

  • Selling and payment

    If we purchase your watch, we’ll pay for it within two working days of receipt. On consignment, we’ll process your payment within two weeks once the watch has been sold.

“Whether you are an experienced collector hunting down the ever elusive “grail watch”, or a young enthusiast who is just looking to learn more about watches, A Collected Man is the authoritative resource for both endeavors."

William Massena

Founder of Massena Lab

"As a knowledgeable and reputable dealer, A Collected Man plays a valuable role as a curator of the secondary market for leading independent watchmakers."

Roger Smith


"The informative and artistic storytelling from A Collected Man brings back the joy I get from collecting timepieces no matter if it's a more accessible watch or a hard-to-find icon.”

Arby Li

Vice President of Content Strategy at HYPEBEAST

"ACM is about appreciation of beautiful watches at the highest level. Quite simply: they have great taste."

Mark Cho

Co-founder of The Armoury and co-owner of Drake's

“Having been a client of ACM since 2018, and having had interactions with many other platforms in the watch market, ACM is the singular platinum standard in the world of horology for integrity, experience, discretion, and expertise.”

Todd Levin

Art Advisor

Previous Sales

Audemars Piguet

Royal Oak | Quantième Perpétuel | Yellow Gold

A striking combination of the iconic Royal Oak case, with an ultra-thin, automatic perpetual calendar

Philippe Dufour

Grande et Petite Sonnerie | 39mm | Rose Gold

Made for the Sultan of Brunei, this is perhaps the Holy Grail of independent watchmaking.

George Daniels

Millennium | Co-Axial Escapement | Yellow Gold

The product of a collaboration between George Daniels and Roger W. Smith, to celebrate the Co-Axial Escapement.

A. Lange & Söhne

Datograph | 403.031 | Rose Gold

Worn by none other than Philippe Dufour, this is one of the rarest variants of the disruptive Datograph.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for selling my watch via A Collected Man?

We enjoy working with our clients to establish the optimum way to find the next home for your watch. Depending on your preference, we can offer your watch at a fixed price on our website, and on our various channels. Alternatively, we can auction your watch at a pre-agreed date, while allowing you to set a guaranteed minimum return. Lastly, we can try to find a new home for your watch offline via a private sale, allowing you to retain privacy of the sale.

How can I sell my watches – what payment options do you offer?

Finding the most suitable way for you is our priority. We can sell your watch on your behalf on consignment, while you retain ownership of it. We work with you, bringing our expertise, to find a new home for your watch. Alternatively we can purchase your watch directly from you, at an agreed price. Efficient and convenient. However, if you have another watch you are interested in or would like to part with, we are also happy to explore how we can help you with refining your collection through part-exchange.

What kind of watches do you accept?

We accept a wide range of pieces, and while our particular focus is on independent watchmakers and high-end brands, above all we look for quality within a piece, and a sense of rich history. If you believe that a piece may be of interest to us, please get in touch, and we will be happy to assess it. We provide a complimentary estimate for your watch.

What countries do you consider watches from?

We source and sell watches globally. Our team can arrange for your watch to reach us safely through insured shipping and armed couriers, from all corners of the world.

How do you value a watch?

We rely on a wide range of benchmarks, in addition to current market dynamics to narrow down the appropriate price for your watch. Several other factors are also taken into consideration, such as age and the condition of the watch.