Petermann Bédat

Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat's story, from meeting at the Geneva watchmaking school to working closely with Dominique Renaud of Renaud Papi, then gradually building the vision behind their eponymous brand, is one of partnership and collaboration. Their first creation, the Dead Beat Second, won the Revelation Watchmaking Prize at the 2020 GPHG.

A Collected Man is honoured to be the exclusive European retailer for the independent watchmakers. Whilst all of our allocations of the 1967 Deadbeat Seconds have now sold out, we look forward to accompanying both watchmakers along their journey, as they grow their brand. If you would like to be notified about future projects, please let us know your interest.

To find out more about Petermann Bédat, you can watch our film with the young watchmakers.