Patek Philippe 5070G-001, Chronograph, White Gold


Based off a vintage Patek Philippe chronograph, and more broadly paying homage to chronographs of the 40s, this reference 5070G-001* bridges the gap between vintage and modern chronograph watches from the manufacture. The watch is also one of the last few pieces made by Patek Philippe that used a Lemania ebauche as a base.

Our five favourite chronograph

If you ask just about any vintage watch enthusiast, the likelihood is that the chronograph will be their favourite complication. At first glance, it appears simple, almost trivial. However, with a myriad of different designs and functions, few complications have been as significant over the past century, as the chronograph.

As with many things in modern horology, these were first developed as tools, to be used during exhilarating car races, meticulous medical examinations or in more frivolous pursuits. Nowadays, choosing whether to have a chronograph or not is a matter of taste, rather than a question of functionality. It is a choice imbued with romanticism and nostalgia for the past.