Laurent Ferrier

Of late, there has been an emergence and growing appreciation of independent watchmaking, and perhaps, at the forefront of this stands the Laurent Ferrier manufacture. 
Prior to starting his eponymous brand, Laurent Ferrier worked at Patek Philippe for four decades, with his final position as creative director. As he was the one making the design decisions at Patek, the lineage to his current brand of watches are certainly evident. Particularly reminiscent are the soft edged and amorphous case shapes and the refusal to buy into trends, namely not revealing his tourbillons, and use of micro-rotors. 
With a focus on maintaining tradition while producing watches that are contemporary and user-friendly, a Laurent Ferrier is suited to the modern man looking for something different. Making only a few hundred watches a year, to own a Laurent Ferrier makes for something that is truly an exclusive and special experience