Patek Philippe 5905P, Annual Calendar, Chronograph, Platinum

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This 5905P* features an annual calendar complication with chronograph functions, a rarely seen combination for watches that has become an integral part of Patek Philippe’s modern annual calendar offerings.

Perpetual Beginnings

The annual calendar complication was invented by the Patek Philippe manufacture in 1996, first made available in the reference 5035. It was developed to show relevant information about the day, whilst also offering a more accessible price point for such a complication, when compared with the brand’s perpetual calendars.

The annual calendar mechanism only requires adjustment once a year in February, as it accounts for the long and short months throughout the year.

Where Patek Philippe's perpetual calendars have been somewhat restrained, the annual calendar has proven to be a complication where they have been able to be more expressive with variations in dial colour and case material combinations. 

However, afew mavericks saw things differently. Whereas many tried to move towardsinnovation and progress, a handful of individuals saw the value of doublingdown on tradition, as one of the only ways to ensure that watchmaking couldsurvive. Against all odds, the perpetual calendar experienced a revival.