The Napier Co. Art Deco ‘Recipe’ Cocktail Shaker, Two-tone

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This statement American cocktail shaker is the epitome of 1930s elegance. A unique find, it’s designed to guide you through the world of cocktails with its many recipe ideas, and makes a striking centrepiece to any vintage-inspired bar.


“I’m a storyteller; I love to share stories with guests. I’m lucky in that my job has now enabled me a lot of travel around the world. I also get invited to guest bartend in all parts of the world, Bangkok, Japan, Canada, America, you name it. Each place is so different, it’s fantastic. My wife thinks I’m cuckoo because I finish late then watch the news, skipping from one news outlet to the next, getting all the different perspectives. I’m a sponge for stories and narratives. “

Immerse yourself in the world of the Dukes Bar in London’s St James, Headed up by Alessandro Palazzi in The Journal.