Urban Jürgensen Ref. 2, Perpetual Calendar, Platinum


This platinum, Urban Jürgensen Reference 2, is part of a small, yet significant collection of Urban Jürgensen watches, complete with dials hand-finished by the late Derek Pratt. Part of a limited series of Urban Jürgensen wristwatches introduced during the early 90s, these housed a modern Frédéric Piguet movement with added complications also developed by Pratt. 

With its unassuming 38 mm size, and svelte profile matched by a highly-refined, Frédéric Piguet calibre, it's arguably one of the most elegant offerings of the modern Urban Jürgensen era. Understated both in styling and case-size, a total of just 175 examples were ever made; 122 of these believed to have been cased in gold, with those in platinum being that much rarer.