Jaeger-LeCoultre “paperweight” desk clock, chrome & leather case

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The name Jaeger-LeCoultre needs no introduction, as they are already well-known for producing wristwatches such as the Reverso and the Memovox, as well as for creating an imaginative array of horological objects. Intriguingly, this piece marks a time before Jaeger merged with LeCoultre to form the brand we know today, as evidenced by the signature at the centre of the dial.

“Well, that’s the beauty of design, really – you can always react to new materials, new technologies. It’s something you apply to something else. It’s not something in itself. The more you know about improving things, engineering things, making them more sellable or less expensive to produce or more sustainable, the more there are new design challenges throw at you – so there’s always an infinite set of possibilities. Design isn’t a sector, but a magic dust you can apply to anything – a chair, a restaurant, a windmill.”

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