Hermès Cigarette Box, Nautical Design with Dolphins, Silver-gilt Plated

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Sleek and sophisticated, this table cigarette box is a mid-century design by Ravinet d’Enfert for Hermès. A slim, rectangular box designed to house cigarettes, it’s reminiscent of a time gone by and is now often used as a decorative object.


Maker of colourful scarfs, delicate perfumes and curious timepieces, Hermès has diversified quite a lot since its equestrian beginnings in 1837. It was founded by the harness-maker, Thierry Hermès, when he opened his first workshop on rue Basse-du-Rempart in Paris. At the time, horse-drawn carriages were the main mode of transportation, so he was kept in good business by the constant need of local Parisians and their preferred means of transport.

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