Vintage George IV Cigar Case, Engraving from 'The Island' by Lord Byron

Sometimes you see something that evokes such a strong emotion, that you just have to have it. This was our reaction to this unique, engraved, English antique. Fashioned by John Teare of London, in 1829, this cigar case is made from sterling silver, and carries a fantastic inscription on one side; a quote from The Island, by Lord Byron:

“Sublime tobacco! which, from east to west, cheers the Tar’s labor or the Turkman’s rest; Which on the Moslem’s ottoman divides, His hours, and rivals opium and his brides; Magnificent in Stamboul, but less grand, Though not less loved, in Wapping or the Strand; Divine in hookahs, glorious in a pipe, When tipped with amber, mellow, rich and ripe; Like other charmers, wooing the caress More dazzlingly when daring in full dress; Yet they true lovers more admire, by far, Thy naked beauties – Give me a cigar!”