Voutilainen Vingt-8 Kaen, Unique Piece, Unryuan Dial, White Gold


Brand: Voutilainen
Model: Vingt-8 Kaen - unique piece
Movement: hand-finished manual-winding Cal. 28
Case material: white gold
Case size: 39 mm
Crystal: sapphire front and case-back
Bracelet/strap: navy blue alligator strap with yellow stitching
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Sub-seconds
Features: Unique dial, Display Back, Blue Hands
This stunning, pièce unique Voutilainen Kaen, comes directly from the Voutilainen atelier as part of our partnership with the Master Watchmaker, and was the centrepiece of his collection at BaselWorld 2016.

The Kaen is the result of a collaboration between Kari Voutilainen and arguably, Japan’s greatest lacquer studio, Unryuan. Under the guidance of Master Tatsuo Kitamura, Unryuan creates intricate traditional Japanese lacquer art, preserving an immensely difficult, age-old, unique skill and tradition. His works are highly celebrated, commanding increasingly elevated prices at auction and are widely considered the pinnacle of the Japanese art form.

This one of a kind Voutilainen Kaen, is no exception. In fact, while the beauty of the dial is to be admired, the dedication and patience taken to create this art piece1 deserves just as much attention. For this piece alone, the finishing of the dial and the movement, took one year’s work. This excludes the construction of the movement and case. As an example of the attention to detail and care taken, it took five people, three weeks, just to sift through 3,000 Abalone and Great Green Turban shells and select the best examples based on colour and quality. Taking thousands of hours to complete, the materials found on the dial include Kinpun (gold dust), Jyunkin-itakane (gold leaf), Yakou-gai (shell of Great Green Turban) and Awabi-gai (Abalone shells from New Zealand). The result is a stunningly intricate and unique timepiece from a truly special partnership between Unryuan and the great independent watchmaker, Kari Voutilainen.

The visual language of the dial is rooted in Japanese tradition, based of Hojyu, a sacred ball-shaped gem that since ancient times was believed to have the power to purge evil spirits and fulfil a wish. The sub seconds found at six o’clock is vermillion-lacquered with gold and serves as the Hojyu, with the explosion of mosaic surrounding it, representative of a flame and signifying the energy or power of this auspicious omen.

The movement in this Voutilainen Kaen is the same in-house calibre found in the Vingt-8. It comprises of an in-house movement made from German silver and titanium, a free sprung balance with Grossman interior curve and Philips exterior curve, and the signature direct impulse escapement with two large (13.6mm) escapement wheels in rose gold.

Where the Kaen differs from ordinary Vingt-8’s is in the artistic decoration and finishing of the movement. Just as captivating on the movement side as it is, on the dial, it has been similarly finished by Unryuan, with a colourful kaleidoscopic, mosaic further emphasising the dedication and craftsmanship of this timepiece. There visual language, is further inspired by Hojyu, as the juxtaposition of the explosive and disorderly gold on the bridge, with the traditional and organised Raden pattern on the wheel, demonstrates the conversion of energetic particles into an ordered power for the watch.

The Voutilainen Kaen has a power reserve of 64 hours and is housed in a classically sized 39 mm 18k white gold case featuring the atelier’s signature tear-drop lugs. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a matching 18k white gold tang buckle on a blue alligator strap.

As it is a new and unworn piece, it comes as a full set, with a warranty, directly from manufacturer.

On purchase, the watch will be sent from Switzerland and as such, the price is exclusive of Swiss VAT (8%). If purchasing from outside Switzerland, this can be claimed-back.

Viewings can be arranged by appointment.
Year: 2016
Condition: brand new
Warranty: warranty from Kari Voutilainen
Box: original box
Paperwork: original paperwork from Kari Voutilainen
Availability: now - delivered from Switzerland
Delivery: delivery from Switzerland
Price: upon request