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HM5 | CarbonMacrolon

"On the Road Again"

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HM5 | CarbonMacrolon

"On the Road Again"

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This HM5 CarbonMacrolon is a testament to MB&F’s whimsical, futurist design philosophy. Inspired by the supercars of the 1970s, this watch embodies the design principles of the period: aggressiveness, exuberance and power. This one isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Max Büsser grew up in the innovative and constantly challenging atmosphere of the 1970s, with the futuristic icons of the period becoming one of his favourite themes. After having explored the science fiction-universe with previous Horological Machines, Max Büsser proposed a cross-reading of period’s influences – from space exploration to the first quartz watches with LED displays – through the Horological Machine 5.

The HM5, aptly nicknamed On the Road Again, draws most of its inspiration from the supercars of the 1970s, most of all the Lamborghini Miura. From the back shutters protecting the motor from light and heat to the exhaust pipe, the HM5 is heavily inspired by the Miura, and manages to recreate its overall presence as a concentrate of strength and power. With a case which is low, wide and angular, the HM5 looks like it belongs in motion.

The automotive character of the watch is not limited to its supercar inspiration: a driver’s watch, in the traditional sense, it allows the wearer to read the time at a glance from the side of their watch, with their hands on a steering wheel. Time is read at an angle, through a sapphire prism which reflects and enlarges the numbers as seen on the discs below. Further, the HM5 features functioning shutters on the top of the case. A lever along the slide of the case enables the user to open and closes those shutters, allowing light to charge the super-luminova jumping hour and minute disks.

The twin exhaust pipes on the HM5 also serve a functional purpose. The movement in housed in its own chassis, meaning you can wear the watch in the water, and then simply drain the excess water out of the case through the exhaust pipes, leaving the movement unscathed. These functional design elements demonstrate the level of attention to detail and care which MB&F put into all their pieces, with, in this case, a true understanding of the pleasure automotive aficionados take in interacting with their machines.

This particular HM5 is from a limited edition of 66 pieces, distinctive for being made entirely out of solid black CarbonMacrolon. Macrolon is a polycarbonate first produced in 1963, which was used in a broad range of products, from contact lenses to aircraft components. CarbonMacrolon was developed at the request of MB&F, a composite material composed of an anthracite polymer matrix injected with nanotubes, which add strength and rigidity. It can be polished and finished like steel and has the same substantial feel and hardness as metal.

A playful, yet well-executed take on an automotive watch, the HM5 CarbonMacrolon undoubtedly embodies MB&F’s principle that “a creative adult is a child that survived”.

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Brand: MB&F
Model: Horological Machine 5 CarbonMacrolon
Movement: Horological engine developed by Jean-François Mojon and Vincent Boucard of Chronode, based on a Girard Perregaux /Sowind gear train
Functions: Jumping hour, minutes
Features: 1 of 66
Case: CarbonMacrolon 51.5 x 49 x 22.5mm case
Crystal: Sapphire 
Bracelet: Black rubber
Year: Sold in June 2015
Box & papers: Original box, manual, warranty card 
This MB&F HM5 in excellent condition, with some minor signs of wear and has perfect mechanical functionality. It comes as a full-set, with box, papers and its original black rubber strap. It is guaranteed for authenticity and comes with a two-year warranty from A Collected Man.

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