Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller, World Enamel Dial, Red Gold

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The Laurent Ferrier Galet Traveller Globe Night Blue*, with a red gold case, was part of a handful of examples produced as part of a UK-only edition commissioned by Mayfair-based department store, William & Son. The champlevé enamel dial features a depiction of the continents, with the UK distinguished by its finishing in a reddish-gold foil. It is one of five pieces cased in red gold.


Laurent Ferrier: “I had been racing in Le Mans with my friend François Sérvanin between 1974 and 1981, and in 1979 we managed to get third place. After this race, François had expressed an interest in Patek Philippe, suggesting that he had heard it was a great brand, so I gifted him a Nautilus with the case-back engraved with 24hr Le Mans, 1979. We had spoken over a very many years about starting a business together, and as François was retiring, he had the money to invest, so we went for it. As he wasn’t a collector or connoisseur, he gave me carte blanche in terms of the approach and design. It was of absolute importance, in my mind, that we develop a calibre from scratch, so myself and my son Christian, set about making that happen.”

Discover Laurent Ferrier rare watches at A Collected Man
Discover Laurent Ferrier rare watches at A Collected Man