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Weather Station travel clock | alarm | 8-Day

brown case & cream dial

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Weather Station travel clock | alarm | 8-Day

brown case & cream dial

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This Jaeger LeCoultre travel clock is a charming relic of the early days of jet-set international travel. At a time when travel was equal parts glamour and adversity, this elegant travel clock would have been a valued companion.

Used as a desk or bedside clock by both ladies and gentlemen, one of the collectable’s key features is its capacity to open and close, allowing the clock to be protected during transport or stand up straight when rested on a flat surface. Designed for practical use, it features an alarm function, thermometer and barometer, delivering a whole range of practical information while on the road.

A Functional Companion

An improvement from previous executions from the 1920s which only featured a two-day power reserve, this clock features an eight-day power reserve, as indicated by the "8" signature at six o’clock. The dial layout is reminiscent of Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso designs from the same period, which was recently reintroduced by the brand in various configurations. The dial of the clock well-preserved, with the blued steel hands and painted numerals having developed a warm patina, which beautifully complement the creamy tone of the dial.

The centralised thermometer is labelled in Celsius, indicating that this model was likely made for the European market. As with many thermometers from this period, the temperature is only visible at a certain angle, specifically when viewed from the left hand side.

The barometer measures the air pressure around it, allowing one to forecast short-term changes in the weather. Especially when travelling, one can imagine that knowing the temperature and predicting changes in the weather would prove particularly useful - you wouldn’t want to get caught in a thunderstorm without the proper attire.

This particular type of barometer uses a small, flexible metal box called an aneroid cell, which is made from an alloy of beryllium and copper. Small changes in external air pressure cause the cell to expand or contract, with the information displayed on the dial. This example also features a manually set needle which is used to mark the current measurement, so that a change can be observed (set through a screwdriver on the dial side). The barometer is labelled in French, with predictions varying from storm to very dry.

The case

Overall, the dark brown alligator case is in very good condition considering its age, with a small section having pealed away on the inner section (invisible when the clock is standing up). The rich, dark brown colour of the case brings out the cream tone and warm patina of the dials, lending a certain charm to this Jaeger LeCoultre Weather Station. The case’s serial number (210XX) is stamped on the inner section of the leather case.

The movement

The calibre is manually-wound, operated through a crown at six o’clock, which is easily accessible. Concealed within the crown, the button for the alarm setting moves the alarm indicator backwards by one position (corresponding to twelve minutes) with each activation. One would like to imagine that these were intentionally conceived by Jaeger, similarily to the way the home/travel time is set on traveller watches, is in order to facilitate changing the time (and alarm) when crossing between timezones.

Brand: Jaeger LeCoultre
Model: Weather Station
Functions: weather station, thermometer, alarm, hours and minutes
Features: steel blue hands, original lume and dial
Case: stainless steel with 145 x 98 x 27mm brown alligator leather outer-case
Crystal: plexiglass
Year: 1960s
This Jaeger LeCoultre Weather Station has been recently serviced, and remains in very good working condition. The outer-case shows signs of wear consistent with age and a small section having pealed away on the inner sectionIt comes with a one-year mechanical warranty from A Collected Man.

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