Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar, 25820ST, Stainless Steel

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This Perpetual Calendar Royal Oak 25820ST* features a striking combination of the iconic Royal Oak case, an unusual indigo blue dial and a perpetual calendar movement central to the manufacture’s history. An example that showcases one of the more elegant variations of the Royal Oak, it is an excellent find for collectors searching for a more subtly special piece.


What more can be said about the Royal Oak? In its five decades, countless guides, reviews, thought pieces, and histories have been written about the original luxury stainless-steel sports watch, with even more appearing to mark its 50th anniversary last year. Those looking to learn about a specific reference are almost spoiled for choice, and we have even added to this library of knowledge with our own guide to the reference 14790.

There are few watches on the market today with a better-covered origin story, either: Georges Golay commissioned designer Gérald Genta to design a modern sports-inspired piece out of stainless steel, and the latter came up with the now instantly recognisable silhouette overnight. So what could we possibly look to add with another article on a watch we all know so well?

An area that we feel hasn’t been explored in as much depth is just how we all came to be so familiar with this piece of octagonal design. The cultural heft of the Royal Oak cannot be ignored. It has found its way on to the wrists of those shaping the zeitgeist, making maximum impact with every paparazzi shot and mention in rap lyrics.