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Kari Voutilainen

Watches from Kari Voutilainen are meant to be seen. They are truly individual, with exquisitely finished dials, extravagant Breguet hands and large numerals. They represent a mixture of engineering, physics, chemistry, artisanship and art, created in Môtiers, Switzerland. Sharing a passion for independent watchmaking, A Collected Man is proud to be officially approved by Kari Voutilainen as a recommended, pre-owned retailer.

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Mr Voutilainen is Both tremendously humble and skilled. We are enormously fortunate to have had the opportunity to sell his horological masterpieces, and to be the only platform in the world to have publicly sold his prototype and Kaen.

Kari’s Observatoire won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in the category of “Best Men's Watch” in 2007, and it is estimated that only around 50 were made, making them exceptionally sought-after and rare. 

A Collected Man is delighted to have sold, and offer, a curated selection of pre-owned Kari Voutilainen watches. If you would like to enquire about selling your watch from Kari Voutilainen, please get in touch.