December 2022

Downtime: Nigel Cabourn

By Russell Sheldrake

As we wind down for the end of the year, we explore what Nigel Cabourn does in his downtime, and the importance of leaving space for inspiration to occur. A well-known British designer who has built a name for his vintage-styled and military-inspired clothing, Cabourn not only derives his art from his frequent travels, but through reading, and buying vintage pieces.

Despite asserting that work is his life and his hobby, Cabourn makes time for sport and exercise. He speaks about the tactility of tennis and its ability to help him add structure to his life, as well as feel good. In addition to tennis, Cabourn also plays table tennis, does boxing, and CrossFit. He stresses the importance of staying fit and finding ways to destress, the benefits of which extend toward other areas of his life and business.

Tennis gives Cabourn a sense of routine and structure.

Often found wearing a watch on both wrists set to British and Japanese time zones, Cabourn feels a great connection with military watches, and owns an IWC Mark XII which he bought in 1990, as well as a Lemania piece from 1967.

Discover how Cabourn spends his downtime through his own words through the video above.

From his taste in watches to his hobbies, it is clear that Cabourns interests tend towards the active.

Our thanks to Nigel Cabourn for allowing a glimpse into and outside of his work.