March 2022

Downtime: Jack Peñate

By A Collected Man

Take some time to unplug from the constant cycle of new watch releases and join us for some downtime with musician Jack Peñate. The first in a new series, we talk to creatives about what they do to unplug from their work. Coming out of a pandemic and period where being able to truly disconnect has become harder than ever, we think it’s important to have a passion outside of your career, something that allows us to destress outside of our busy work lives.

Peñate at his home in South London.

Peñate is a touring musician who has grown up playing gigs around the country, but he has always tried to find time for his passion of black and white photography. He also shares with us the strong connection he has with his Patek Philippe Calatrava, gifted to him by his father after he finished touring his first album. A watch that not only marks a milestone, but represents a lot of characteristics that Peñate aspired to archive.

Our thanks to Jack Peñate for giving us a look into his life outside of work.