MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo, Titanium

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Intended as a watch that could accompany the wearer throughout their everyday life, the LM Perpetual EVO* was essentially an “evolution” of the LM3 Perpetual. It retained the same brilliant calendar system reimagined by Belfast-based independent watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, while possessing a sleeker silhouette, thanks to updated pushers and the lack of a bezel. The watch demonstrates MB&F’s penchant for collaboration, as well as their eagerness to seek new ways of approaching the craft.  

Bound together by a distinctive design language and a shared look into the future, the LM2, HM6, and LM Perpetual EVO also all share a case metal – titanium. Their dials are similarly arresting, revealing a spectrum of green shades that renew the series they are part of. As a whole, each of these watches come together to give a small glimpse into the evolution of MB&F’s ideas, as well as their revolutionary engineering and forward-facing concepts.

The three watches are being released as part of the announcement of our new partnership with MB&F, with each part of the pre-owned approved agreement that offers a complementary service within six months of the sale and an extended 2-year warranty from MB&F.

“I was a big fan of Luigi Colani, who is credited with having launched bio-design with all these amazingly organic looking shapes, when everyone else was designing wedges. You see these more organic shapes more frequently today, and this inspiration definitely had an impact on the design at MB&F, like in the HM Space Pirate for instance. It’s something I didn’t allow myself to draw-upon in the early days of the brand, but now it flows throughout the brand’s design identity.”