George Daniels Anniversary, Yellow Gold

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Here is a George Daniels Anniversary*, one of only 35 pieces created in yellow gold, to celebrate 35 years of the conception of the Co-Axial escapement. The series, made in collaboration with his protégé, Roger W. Smith, marked a pivotal moment in the partnership between master and apprentice. Coming from its original owner, this Anniversary was delivered in 2016 and is complete with its royal blue Daniels box, paperwork and other accessories such as a solid gold setting pin, made in a style much like the keys that came with the watchmaker’s pocket watches.

Once Dr George Daniels was sufficiently convinced of Roger W. Smith's skills, he invited the latter to the Isle of Man to help work on the Millennium series and put him straight to work. Daniels was initially very hands-on, but once he was happy with the level and quality of Smith’s output, it quickly became a more collaborative effort.

During this time, Daniels and Smith would go to the pub for lunch once a week. The whole time the apprentice would be firing questions at the master watchmaker, about everything, from his life, to specific areas of watchmaking. Says David Newman, a lifelong friend of Daniels as well as chairman of the trustees of the George Daniels Educational Trust, “Roger was really like a sponge back then”.

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Speaking of their work on the Anniversary series, Newman adds, “When George saw Roger’s advancement of the Co-axial escapement he commented that it was a sensible development and was very happy for it to be used in his final series of production watches of the Co-axial Anniversary series. The prototype was worn with much pride by George. He thought that the project offered a perfect opportunity to further show the horological world the advantages of the escapement and as he said what more worthwhile opportunity could a lifelong horologist wish for”.