Read Watchmaking Journey Kari Voutilainen | A Collected Man Journal
Read Watchmaking Journey Kari Voutilainen | A Collected Man Journal

The Watchmaking Journey of Kari Voutilainen

One of the most complete watchmakers in the world, we dive deep into the Finnish watchmaker's story and some of his most significant creations to date...
Money is not driving me to work, I am only concerned with quality. And when you’re working on a small scale, you can do more things.

Kari Voutilainen

Meet the Future: Rexhep Rexhepi

We sat down with Rexhep Rexhepi to discuss his career, quick rise to fame, working with brands like Patek Philippe and F.P. Journe, and about launching his own independent brand...

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Meet the watchmakers

I didn’t know any watchmakers who were working independently. I was the first one to go out on my own and do things, to make my own brand. Afterwards, they all followed me. But at the beginning, there was no one following me.

Daniel Roth


As one of the very first watchmakers to go independent, Daniel Roth has been at the forefront of horology for decades. Now creating as few as three or four watches a year under the Jean Daniel Nicholas banner, we caught up with him at his family home, which is also his workshop.

I wanted something more from the creative process. I wanted to make my own creations; I wanted to be free, to be able to make everything – from the design, what kind of mechanism I wanted to create, everything how I wanted.

Raúl Pagès



AKRIVIA, Petermann Bédat and Winnerl are three of the leading watchmaking names of the present generation. A Collected Man has always strived to showcase incredible watchmaking talent, working with brands we trust and have deep connections with. Thanks to these relationships, we are able to offer collectors a high-level of support and guidance at every stage of their journey.


A Collected Man is the sole pre-owned approved retailer for Roger W. Smith, Philippe Dufour, and Kari Voutilainen, three watchmakers at the pinnacle of independent watchmaking. Our longstanding relationships and shared values have culminated in the exclusivity of our position, with these watchmakers relying on us to deliver a level of presentation, service and sale befitting their incredible creations.


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