Franck Muller “Prototype” Chronograph, Stainless Steel

With a “PROTOTYPE” engraving on the caseback, this piece was likely one of the several prototypes which the brand developed during the early days, to test and experiment different designs. Its vintage-inspired aesthetic is a reminder of where the Franck Muller brand first started.

The Story of Franck Muller

Raised in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, Franck Muller enrolled himself in the Watchmaking School of Geneva at the age of 15.

Following graduation, he began his watchmaking career restoring watches for collectors and auction houses, gradually building a reputation for his skill in restoring complicated timepieces.

Becoming one of the most sought-after restorers, he worked on the maintenance and restoration of watches in the Patek Philippe collection, many of which sit in the Patek Philippe Museum today.

In 1984, Muller designed his first tourbillon wristwatch, at a time when the complication was scarce. The tourbillon in wristwatch form only really came into being in the following years, with Muller claiming the first ever exposed, dial-side tourbillon with this piece. A few years later, in 1991, he would form his eponymous brand, giving it the tag line ”Master of Complications”, looking to offer distinctive pieces to collectors.