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The path to becoming an independent watchmaker is often steeped in romanticism. It is built on the perception that some watchmakers are born with a singular, unwavering vision, which they cannot realise by any other means than independence. However, the reality is often less idealised, driven by tenacity, the seizure of opportunities and constant refinement. In short, a lot of work with no guarantee of success. This is the story of Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat. From meeting at the Geneva watchmaking school to working closely with Dominique Renaud of Renaud Papi, they have gradually built the vision behind their eponymous brand. Most of all, their story is one of partnership and collaboration. We took the opportunity to visit the pair, in their workshop in Renens, to find out more about their story, in this short film.

From the Bench: shaping car design into an art form with Benedict Radcliffe

Historically, artists have crafted their work from all sorts of materials, be it paint, marble or gold. A contrarian by nature, Benedict Radcliffe chose a different path instead. Trained as an architect, Benedict is known for reproducing iconic cars from industrial and durable metal wire. Be it a Jaguar E Type or a Porsche 911, he shapes car design into its own art form.

OMEGA Seamaster 70th Anniversary - Episode 5: The Ex-SAS soldier and his Seamaster.

Explore the arduous, rough terrain of the Brecon Beacons with ex-SAS member and author “James Deegan”. Join him as he reflects on what it means to serve in an elite military regiment and details the significance of his personal Omega Seamaster, which bears the winged SAS dagger and his personal identification number on the back.

OMEGA Seamaster 70th Anniversary - Episode 4: The Rower and his Seamaster

Head out on the river with Olympic rower and Royal Navy officer Pete Reed OBE in this film, our fourth in collaboration with OMEGA. After a few false starts to his sporting career, Pete went on to become a triple gold medallist and still feels most alive when he's out on the water.

OMEGA Seamaster 70th Anniversary - Episode 3: The Diver and his Seamaster

Based on the Orkney Islands in Scotland, offshore diver Craig Muir would rather be 007 than shackled 9 to 5. Suit up for a day beneath the waves with Craig and his 2006 Seamaster Planet Ocean.

OMEGA Seamaster 70th Anniversary - Episode 2: The Watchmaker and his Seamaster

Roger W. Smith was the apprentice to the late George Daniels, inventor of OMEGA's famous Co-Axial escapement. Join Roger for a spin in his classic Mini with his Seamaster Chronograph Calibre 321 produced in 1968, on the wild and windy Isle of Man.

OMEGA Seamaster 70th Anniversary - Episode 1: The Clothier and his Seamaster

Michael Hill, Clothier and Creative Director of renowned gentlemen’s' outfitters Drakes, reflects on the synergy between textiles and his beloved 1965, Omega Seamaster 300. Find out why Michael believes rules can be broken, but beautiful objects go on and on and on.

Between the Hours Of - Interview with Stephen Bayley

Stephen Bayley is a very highly regarded author, critic, columnist, broadcaster, consultant, debater and curator. Perhaps his most influential achievement was the opening of the Boilerhouse Project with Terence Conran in the basement of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. This gallery put to use an unused area of the building and would highlight artists, architects and designers to such success, that the suggestion of opening its own premises was quickly suggested. This new institution would be the Design Museum, which has hosted exhibitions for Porsche, Alpha Romeo and Eames to name but a few. We decided to catch up with Stephen over some coffee and watches.