Romain Gauthier Continuum, First Edition, Titanium

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Released in 2021, the Roman Gauthier Continuum First Edition* is a contemporary addition to the watchmaker's collection, while retaining Gauthier's signature finishing techniques and beautifully decorated parts. A limited number of just 28 pieces were made, making this a special addition to any collection with an emphasis on independent watchmaking.

Journey Towards Independence

Hailing from a family steeped in watchmaking, Romain Gauthier had an interest in engineering from a very young age. Six years of technical college and one year of military service later, he began work at François Golay as an automatic lathe technician, beginning to develop the foundation of his first watch as early as in 1999.

Gauthier officially launched the brand in 2005. During the earliest stages, he was mentored by none other than Philippe Dufour himself, who not only gave invaluable connections and business advice to his fellow Vallee de Joux townsman, but also gave advice on Gauthier's earliest watches, encouraging him to strive for the best.

Today, Gauthier's workshop aims to build and cultivate a team of craftsmen, while striving to break new ground in watch design and precision watchmaking.