Ressence Type 1N, Grade 5 Titanium

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This Type 1N* watch is part of the Ressence Type 1 series, and takes inspiration from the night sky, distinguished by its deep, greyish-blue dial. Ressence was founded in 2010 by the Belgian industrial designer Benoît Mintiens, and the unconventional, ever-changing ‘regulator’ dial found on the watch is an example of the young brand’s contemporary approach to watchmaking.

Changing how we read time

While the layout of a dial and how we read it may now seem like second nature, we often forget that it is something that is taught to us, rather than it being entirely intuitive.

Ressence’s watches use an “orbital convex system” that divides the dial into different subdials, indicating days, hours, minutes, and seconds, allowing the wearer to gather a more intuitive sense of time from the position of the sub-dials.

Ressence, Type 3B, Titanium

First debuted at Baselworld 2014, the Type 1 followed on from the Type 3, as a reinvention of the original Type 1001, with a new crownless winding system and thinner case. In comparison to the Type 1001 with its large crown and thick case size, and the Type 3 with its innovative oil-filled dial, the Type 1 expresses perhaps the most minimalist vision of the brand.