Philippe Dufour Simplicity 20th Anniversary, Platinum

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One of only 22 examples created in honour of the Simplicity's 20th Anniversary, this example* immediately arrests the eye with its striking blue dial, brushed platinum case, and hinged officer's caseback. One of the more radical pieces to be produced for the series, the watch stands out from Dufour's oeuvre with a bold and colourful configuration. This watch is one of only seven made – with a blue dial, brushed platinum case and hinged caseback – and is the first to appear on the market for sale.

A radical example

As one of only seven Simplicities with a blue dial, brushed platinum case and hinged officer's caseback, this is an incredibly rare watch by any measure. On behalf of A Collected Man, I'm very proud that we're able to offer this superlative example of independent watchmaking, from one of the finest watchmakers of our age and the very first example of this configuration, to come to market.

Silas Walton, CEO of A Collected Man


Born in the Vallée de Joux, Philippe Dufour has dedicated his independent atelier to championing the style of watchmaking the region has historically been known for. Today, he is rightly regarded as the finest practitioner of traditional Swiss hand-finishing. We are proud to be the sole pre-owned seller endorsed by Philippe Dufour.

For more than three decades, from his workshop in Le Sentier, Dufour has been creating watches steeped in the traditions of the Vallée de Joux. His three lines – Grande et Petite Sonnerie, Duality and Simplicity – offer a window into his distilled vision of traditional watchmaking that has found favour around the world.

Dufour’s influence on independent watchmaking cannot be overstated. He wasn’t just one of the first to produce under his own name, but his watches, created in small numbers, have been some of the most sought after. While initially he found a dedicated following in Japan, a watch culture known for its preference for refined finishing details, his popularity has since proliferated worldwide. His influence on watchmaking today can be felt on brands as diverse as Grand Seiko and Rexhep Rexhepi.

Our appreciation for Dufour is longstanding. We were not only the first online retailer to offer a Simplicity for sale, but the Grand et Petit Sonnerie which we sold for $ 7.63 million still holds the record for the highest sale price achieved for a watch by an independent maker. As one of the first independent brands, his story is crucial to the period of watchmaking we are most interested in. We have spent time studying his philosophy as well as his craft, having handled more than 10 of Dufour’s timepieces over the years.

Every piece that bears Dufour’s name is one of a very limited number of watches that the watchmaker has produced entirely by hand. Highly finished, his offering ranges from the mechanically straightforward Simplicity to the Duality, which features Dufour’s proprietary double escapement. Then there is the Grande et Petite Sonnerie, a watch with a chiming complication that was not seen in wristwatches before Dufour created it as his way of announcing his new independent brand.

In 2020, Dufour announced a special 20-piece edition of the Simplicity to celebrate the line’s 20th year, of which this particular watch is one of the most radical expressions. The watchmaker’s production has been exceedingly finite since. As a result, the pieces he has already crafted have become ever more sought after.

I never invented anything. My goal is to try and perpetuate a nice way of making watches, especially here in the Vallée de Joux.

Philippe Dufour

A Collected Man is the only authorised re-seller of Philippe Dufour's rare watches A Collected Man is the only authorised re-seller of Philippe Dufour's rare watches


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