Patek Philippe World Time, Ref. 5131G-010, White Gold

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The white gold Patek Philippe 5131G* was introduced ten years ago, as the latest chapter in a legacy of world-time wristwatches from Patek Philippe. It combines a contemporary white gold case, handmade enamel dial and Cottier-inspired world time mechanism. Sixty years after the original Patek Philippe design, the 5131G carries forward its legacy.

The World Time

By its very nature, the world time complication is one imbued in the romance of travel and adventure in varied, exciting locations.

Invented in the 1930s by the Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier, a world time displays real time in key cities across the planet’s twenty-four time zones.

Cottier’s ingenious mechanism - used by Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe amongst others - laid the foundation for world time watches ever since.

Its design elements were geared towards something much sportier and more contemporary than the manufacturer was then known for at the time. Though unconfirmed, rumour suggests that the model was first commissioned by high level military personnel, hence the utilitarian design and dial pattern reminiscent of a grenade. Ever since its introduction, the Aquanaut has only grown in appeal, with these early pieces reminding us of where it all began.