Haldimann H1 Flying Tourbillon, Platinum


Created by Beat Haldimann at his workshop in the peaceful Villa Nussbhül, the H1 Flying Tourbillon is a complex piece with an oversized tourbillon as the central focus on the dial.

Creating Traditionally

Beat Haldimann has been producing timepieces for nearly two decades, according to the most traditional, artisanal methods. Having made his first clock that harnessed résonance in 2000, Haldimann has become renowned for mastering the phenomenon in his work, alongside his more complex flying tourbillons. After starting his career as a watchmaker in 1991, he made the surprising discovery that watchmaking was a family tradition stretching back to 1642. In respect of this lineage, he still restores and services all watches which bear the Haldimann name, completely free of charge.

The watchmaker works and lives in the peaceful Villa Nussbhül, which overlooks the River Aare. Tucked away from the world, George Daniels himself used to visit Haldimann here, describing it as the ideal setting in which to work. From his workshop, he engages in forward-thinking watchmaking, whilst remaining tied to traditional techniques. Only making a few dozen pieces a year, Haldimann’s workshop is one of the few remaining ones to produce and restore almost everything by hand.