Philippe Dufour Duality, 34mm, Platinum


Philippe Dufour’s mastery and innovation when it comes to complicated watches is unparalleled. One of his earliest and rarest watches, the Duality represents all that the Philippe Dufour brand stands for – quality, complexity, and the pursuit of new horological frontiers.

The Double Escapement

Philippe Dufour’s Duality was the first watch to ever implement a linked double escapement movement in a wristwatch. The task of the escapement is essentially to regulate the release of energy from the mainspring in a reliable frequency or beat. It is also required to give the balance wheel an impulse to maintain oscillation. The double regulator in the Duality is fitted with a differential gear in order to counteract the effects of gravity on the watch’s timekeeping abilities. As the differential takes into account the average of the two escapements, this drastically increases the accuracy of the watch. According to Philippe Dufour, 'these two balance wheels are like two hearts which work together to help each other'.