Credor Eichi II, GBLT999, Platinum

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Limited to only 20 pieces in any given year, this Credor Eichi II* is an unusual and rare piece, which represents some of the best of Japanese horology with its delicate porcelain dial and elegantly designed movement.

The Crest of the Seiko "Mountain"

Known for its dedication to craft and timeless elegance, the Credor line is a subsidiary of Seiko, which is perhaps more well-known for the part they played in catalysing the Quartz Crisis of the ‘70s, as well as their typically affordable watches. Originating in 1974, the name "Credor" is derived from the French word "crête d’or", which translates to "crest of gold". This origin is further mirrored in the Credor logo, as their signature three peaks with accompanying stars are a stylised version of the Japanese word for mountain (山).

With this brand, Seiko created an entirely new persona - producing pieces that used precious metals and required the careful hand of craftsmen and experts to build. Made at Seiko’s Micro Artist Studio in Shiojiri, the workshop consulted with Philippe Dufour, one of the most talented independent watchmakers working today, to help establish the practices and techniques behind the creation of the pieces that now bear the Credor name. In the early days, to perfect their technique, the Credor watchmakers even used the same wood used by Philippe Dufour to bevel his movements, which they collected on a visit to Switzerland.