Dr. Roger W. Smith OBE

Every Roger W. Smith watch is a masterpiece of mechanical art. Making just ten pieces each year, the Roger W. Smith Studio stand at the forefront of watchmaking, as the only watchmakers creating complete watches and movements in Britain. Sharing a passion for independent watchmaking, A Collected Man is proud to be officially approved by Roger W. Smith as their recommended, pre-owned retailer.

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We are enormously fortunate to be the first platform, anywhere in the world, to offer Roger’s unique pieces for public sale. Previous examples have included the Panorama Date Flying Tourbillon, a brand new Open Dial Series 2, and the only steel watch ever produced by Roger W. Smith.

"Horology isn’t about standing still and accepting things as they are. It’s about pushing things forward and making small improvements wherever we can."

In previous sales, A Collected Man has achieved world record prices for watches from Roger W. Smith. If you would like to enquire about selling your watch from Roger, please get in touch.