Founded by an American by the name of Florentine Ariosto Jones, the International Watch Company is certainly a heavyweight of the Swiss luxury watch industry. Famed for their industrial design, their watches always emphasises a strong sense of masculinity. 
IWC’s often bold and utilitarian design is perhaps partly due to their strong military provenance, as they provided many watches to both pilots and soldiers in the 20th century. Most notably, they supplied watches to the Royal Air Force and W.W.W. watches to the British infantry that housed the famed and incredibly accurate Calibre 89. Furthermore to their military presence, they provided watches such as the anti-magnetic Ingeniuer to engineers and the Aquatimer for divers, earning them the status as a bona-fide tool watch provider.
The modern day IWC, encompasses all of these traits, with a refined sense of luxury and craftsmanship.