MB&F HM3 Black Frog, Limited Edition, Titanium

This unusual MB&F HM3 Black Frog was created in 2010, taking the original HM3 Sidewinder concept and adding bulbous domes that resemble a frog’s eyes. Limited to only 12 pieces, the watch is an excellent addition to any collection focusing on independent watchmaking or for the wearer looking for something different.

Creativity in Design

MB&F’s artistic concept laboratory, their philosophy is simple – the reinterpretation of traditional, high-quality craftsmanship into three-dimensional kinetic sculptures. Exhibiting a truly authentic example of modern hand-craftsmanship and ingenuity, MB&F have a long history of collaboration and partnership with some of the finest independent watchmakers.

As many others had done before him, Sarpaneva spent some time restoring antique and vintage watches, including at Parmigiani, alongside Kari Voutilainen. As he put it: “I had to really learn the history of watchmaking with Kari, because we were working on things like minute repeaters and perpetual calendars, making parts for them.” Following his experience there, Sarpaneva also spent some time with Vianney Halter and Christophe Claret, which helped shape his skills and vision.