Andersen Genève Quantieme Perpetuel, Yellow Gold

A rarely-seen example of a traditional perpetual calendar from Andersen Genève, this piece was made for the Luigi Verga boutique in Milan. With a traditional layout and symmetrical dial, the watch is an excellent addition to any collection focusing on independent watchmaking or conventional perpetual calendars.

The Origins of Andersen Genève

Svend Andersen was born in Denmark in 1942, where he carried out his apprenticeship as a watchmaker, prior to moving Switzerland. He spent some time working at Gübelin, a famed retailer in Switzerland, then joined the Patek Philippe complications department, where he spent the best part of a decade. He then chose to strike out on his own as an independent maker, and launch Andersen Genève, in 1980.

Notably, Andersen is also the co-founder of the AHCI alongside Vincent Calabrese, an organisation celebrated for their championing of independent watchmakers. Over the past four decades years, the organisation boasts the membership of watchmakers such as Kari Voutilainen and Philippe Dufour. As a brand, Andersen Genève has focused on developing complications, and are well known for allowing collectors to personalise and create truly unique watches.