Patek Philippe 3448, Perpetual Calendar, Yellow Gold

A rare, yellow-gold Patek Philippe ref. 3448 Perpetual Calendar wristwatch, with Archive Extract. Originally introduced in 1962, the Patek Philippe Reference 3448 was the first serially-produced, self-winding perpetual calendar watch, to be released by any manufacturer. As the successor to the 2497 and 2438-1, the ref. 3448’s more angular design represented a departure from the classically-rounded cases and lugs, seen in previous complication references. Manufactured by Geneva-based case-maker Antoine Gerlach, the futuristic design of the ref. 3448 was nicknamed "Disco Volante" or “Flying Saucer”, by Italian collectors. This example was produced in 1976 and subsequently sold on November 13th, 1979. In 1982, the ref. 3448 was succeeded by the ref. 3450.