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M10-P 'Safari Edition' camera | body and lens

Limited to 1,500 & 500 pieces

Regular price £9,450

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M10-P 'Safari Edition' camera | body and lens

Limited to 1,500 & 500 pieces

Regular price £9,450
Leica as excellence

For many photographers, Leica is synonymous with excellence. Some swear that the beloved Leica rangefinder transforms their photography experience. The camera is simple not only in design but in functionality. Without any of the bells and whistles common to high-end cameras today, the rangefinder forces the user to fully absorb a scene, anticipate its evolution and adjust the controls manually before taking a shot. The Leica M10-P Safari offers an old-school, classic feeling when shooting. Beyond that, any Leica is considered to reign supreme for its attention to detail during manufacturing, and in its superior lenses.

The Safari Edition

In 1957, Leica released their first olive green M - an M3. It was designed and constructed for use in the field and soon garnered a worldwide reputation as a robust and reliable companion even under most extreme of conditions. Since then, olive green editions from popular cameras and sport optics in Leica's range belong amongst the most coveted releases for collectors and enthusiasts. 

The M10-P Safari Edition is the newest addition to this range and limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide. It contains the same performance and technical capabilities as the standard production Leica M10-P, the brand’s full-frame digital rangefinder camera. The M10-P has a 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, an ISO range of 100 to 50,000, and connectivity to digital devices via Leica’s FOTOS app. It takes 15 combined hours to create and assemble the 1,000 components of a single M camera, including ensuring that the mechanical shutter actuates quickly and quietly. 

The matching Summicron lens

In this case, it is paired with the Summicron-M 50mm f/2 Safari Edition, the first Leica M lens to be given the coveted olive green paint finish. Produced in a limited quantity of 500 units, it was initially offered to customers separately from the camera. It is further distinguished by its distance scale and focal length engravings, which are precisely engraved and carefully hand-filled in red paint, in contrast to the other bright white engravings on the lens. The lens, which is fully mechanical and completely void of any electronics, requires an average of 20 hours of work, made by combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with traditional handmade expertise. 

Every bit of visible metal components of the body and lens are crafted from solid brass. The enamel finish in olive green makes the camera and lens resistant to finger marks and scratches, providing enduring protection against external elements. It makes holding and photographing with the Leica M10-P Safari Edition an absolute pleasure.

The Set

This Leica M10-P Safari Edition is in very good condition, having barely been used. Both the body and lens are complete, accompanied by their original box, papers and other materials.

Brand: Leica
Model: M10-P Safari Edition & Summicron-M 50mm f/2 Safari Edition
Functions: 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, ISO range of 100 to 50,000, connectivity to digital devices via Leica’s FOTOS app
Features: body limited to 1,500 pieces, lens limited to 500 pieces
Dimensions: 139 x 39 x 80 mm
Date of purchase: July 2019
This Leica M-10P Safari Edition is in almost like-new condition, having virtually never been used. It still has most of its three-year product warranty left remaining.

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