True originality is something of a scarce notion in the modern watch world, with copycat brands, regularly borrowing from the successes of others. One brand that can quite comfortably be described as ‘original’ is MB&F, with their unconventional and wonderful horological creations, ranging from mechanical music machines, to wristwatches and clocks. MB&F is the brainchild of Max Büsser. A Collected Man is proud to be an approved pre-owned partner to MB&F.

All our preowned MB&F pieces, unless still covered by a manufacturer's warranty, will come with a complimentary, optional servicing by the brand, within one year of sale.

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Collaboration is very much in Max Büsser and Friends’ (MB&F’s) DNA. The company’s harmonious relationship with many of haute-horology’s finest independent movement makers, coupled with careful choosing of its suppliers has led to the development of visionary modern timepieces, celebrated equally for their exceptional design and mechanical brilliance.

"I have only two talents, if that. I think differently from most people, and I have an ability to gather great people to work with me."

The goal of the Legacy Machine series was to create a tribute to fine and antique watchmaking of the past, and combine it with the forward-facing, creative finesse of MB&F. This creative spirit comes to the fore with pieces from the Horological Machine series, inspired by automotive design, aerospace and filmmaking to create multi-dimensional pieces of horological art. With collaboration being very much a part of MB&F’s DNA, the brand has also worked with several Swiss manufactures on the creation of clocks, music machines and more…