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Philippe Dufour Simplicity

Monsieur Dufour's meticulous attention to all details of watchmaking make his timepieces both outstanding expressions of horological craftsmanship and, arguably, the most coveted hand-made watches in the world.  Sharing a passion for independent watchmaking, A Collected Man is proud to be officially approved by Philippe Dufour as his recommended, pre-owned retailer.

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The Simplicity is thus far the only series-production watch to originate from the Atelier of Philippe Dufour. Effectively a one-man workshop, his watches are perhaps amongst the hardest to attain. His small-scale production, with only 200 pieces of the Simplicity made over the course of twelve years, no doubt adds to their desirability.

"This pushed me to think, well, if they did it, why not try and make it again. So, I began working nights, weekends, holidays with some old tooling from the 1900s to make my first movement."

In previous sales, A Collected Man has achieved world record prices for watches from Dufour. If you would like to enquire about selling your watch from Philippe Dufour, please get in touch.