For clients in the EU, we offer a sale-on-commission service for your watch, called consignment. Our fee is determined by negotiation, but rarely higher than 15%, dropping to below 10% for pieces of higher value. For clients outside of the European Union, we offer a temporary export service (at our expense) for special or particularly rare pieces. Please contact us for a bespoke offer. 


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What you need to know

- We may offer to purchase your watch outright, rather than consign it.

- If we consign it, naturally the higher the value of your watch, the lower our percentage commission. This starts with watch values of circa £20,000 and above. 

- With large physical overheads, traditional retailers and auction houses, are restricted in their competitivity. As an online business, we can price your watch for liquidity, but you still make a better return.

- In the digital market, we have a worldwide reach and a strong social-media presence. 

- All watches are fully insured whilst in our custody.

- The average time-frame between consignment and sale, is eight weeks. Naturally there are exceptions, and if after three months, your watch still hasn't sold, you may request its return, at our expense. 

- We guarantee the authenticity of a watch for life and give a 24-month warranty on all our watches after sale, so quality-control is very important to us.

- We can arrange for servicing or valeting of your watch, if either is appropriate, before listing. We will discuss this with you before agreeing to the consignment. 

- We transfer the proceeds of sale to you, on the 11th working day after we've received them.