Roger W. Smith

Every Roger W. Smith watch is a masterpiece of mechanical art. Making just ten pieces each year, the Roger W. Smith Studio stand at the forefront of watchmaking, as the only watchmakers creating complete watches and movements in Britain.

Philippe Dufour

Monsieur Dufour, a master of grand complications and finishings, bases his designs on traditional movement architecture and artistic expressions of the Vallée de Joux from 1850 to 1920. In his watches, understated, elegant aesthetics combine with fantastically finished movements.

Kari Voutilainen

Every Kari Voutilainen watch is meant to be seen. They are truly individual, with exquisitely finished dials, extravagant Breguet hands and large numerals. They represent a mixture of engineering, physics, chemistry, artisanship and art, created in Môtiers, Switzerland.

Beat Haldimann

Sharing a passion for independent watchmaking, it’s a privilege to be officially approved by Beat Haldimann as their recommended, preowned retailer.

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