Our Company

Driven by a passion for horology and the pursuit of beautiful things, A Collected Man is a platform for those who love and seek rare mechanical timepieces. Be it a handmade example of perfection, or a piece of vintage racing glory, rare watches unite appreciators of truly great design, history and detail. Where it was once the preserve of a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, watch collecting has exponentially grown into something far more telling; a lifestyle choice.

Rare watches are increasingly being sought-out by younger and more sophisticated collectors who are digitally savvy in a traditionally analogue age. They look for convenience with all the comfort of buying from a transparent, curated and knowledgable platform. A Collected Man embodies this principle; a port-of-call for competitively priced, beautifully presented and honestly described, important watches.

Being a London-born business, our sensibilities are imbued with a very British respect for tradition but globally minded and ready to offer a modern and bespoke service which every collector deserves; whether buying or selling.

Board of Directors